Virtu@l Office Essentials

Times change, technology changes and with these changes, the way in which we work inevitably changes. The result of this particular evolution is the virtual office.   Are you ready?

If you are working from your home office, your car, a hotel or even a cabana on the beach then this is a MUST read book!  
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Welcome to the Virtu@l Office Essentials!

Are you ready to make your virtual dream a reality? There is no better time than now to work in a virtual environment. With all that technology has to offer, brick and mortar towers are no longer necessary to conduct business. You can be enjoying the fantastic rewards of working virtually right now, if you have the virtual office mindset. Let me introduce you to the Virtu@l Office Essentials.

The Book

The Virtu@l Office Essentials is your comprehensive guide to working in a virtual environment. The virtual office is more viable than ever, providing you have the strategies to make it work. Being successful in a virtual office isn’t just about the technology you use, it’s about the mindset you have. This book merges both of these, providing all the external and internal strategies necessary for a successful virtual work environment.

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The Author

I’m thrilled that you are here visiting Virtu@l Office Essentials. My name is Michelle Jamison and I am the author of Virtu@l Office Essentials. I have been a virtual office worker for over 12 years and I would be lying to you if I said I have loved every minute of it. The truth is, although I have enjoyed most of my time as a virtual worker, it hasn’t all been “flowers and sunshine” and this is exactly why I wrote this book, to share with you all the tips I’ve learned over the years.

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