The Author

Michelle JamisonThanks for taking the time to visit Virtu@l Office Essentials! I hope you’ve found some useful information and had an opportunity to check out my latest book.  The Virtu@l Office Essentials was a definite labour of love for me.  The book itself took about two years to write, however it’s been in my mind for much longer than that.  It just needed a little kick start to get from brain to paper, and now here it is!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work from my virtual office since 1998.  I’ve learned a lot during this time such as reliable technology is a must, building relationships is key and most importantly, working virtually is not as easy as one may think.  And this is exactly why I wrote this book.

When I first started working from my virtual office (home) I was excited about all the really cool things about working virtually; no commuting, no uncomfortable work attire and of course the flexibility.  Although all huge benefits to me, I found out fairly quickly that this “honeymoon stage” wears off, and fast.  Soon I was faced with deadlines yet had problems keeping motivated, my office was in shambles and lacked any sort of functionality, and of course I was having major difficulty separating the home vs. work life.   My virtual dream….was a nightmare.

Over the years I developed strategies to help me with all this.  It soon became very clear to me that being successful in this virtual environment meant that I couldn’t just focus on the external elements such as the equipment and tools I use, but the internal elements, developing specific strategies to ensure I was also motivated, happy and healthy.

This is how the Virtu@l Office Essentials came to be, and I’m really very proud of this book.  I have created it as a self-exploration tool that not only provides you with practical information, but will get your brain thinking.

The virtual work environment is not easy…but I hope with this book, you’ll find just the right strategies to ensure, it doesn’t have to be hard either.



MICHELLE JAMISON is a virtual business owner, author, college instructor and consultant.

As a virtual business owner, her company MJVA & Associates has become one of the leading Virtual Assistant companies in Canada.  Along with running her business she is also an instructor at Red Deer College, where she teaches Marketing, Starting a Virtual Business and Virtual Office Management for the Virtual Assistant Certificate Program. To this end her expertise is sought by many and she provides coaching and consulting to future virtual office workers as they build their online businesses.

She is author of The Virtual Assistant Guide to Marketing, The Virtual Assistant Guide to the Multi-VA Business ebook and of course her latest book the Virtu@l Office Essentials.