Are You Ready to Join the 3.6 Million Canadians Working from Home?

Statistics Canada recently released a report Canadian Social Trends that reflects the steady increase in the work from home population. With 3.6 million at-home workers, 1.8 million of these being  self-employed workers and the other half made up of corporate employees, it’s becoming increasingly important for these workers to apply strategies to make working from […]

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On September 15th, 2011, posted in: Virtual Office by

Building a Business Community

All businesses, new and established, benefit from becoming a part of and participating in communities that share similar interests. These communities can be in-person communities where people physically attend, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, or virtual communities who share the same profession or goals and are visited on-line. Building a business community it […]

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On May 30th, 2011, posted in: Success Strategies, Virtual Office by

6 Tips to Protect Your Health in a Virtual Environment

As those of us who work from a virtual office will find, it’s not uncommon to spend forty plus hours a week sitting at our computer. Although in most cases unavoidable, work needs to get done, this is not the healthiest scenario for our bodies. When faced with long hours at our workstation, it is […]

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On March 14th, 2011, posted in: Virtual Office by

Procrastination – Strategies that worked for me!

I have to admit, some days I am a procrastinator, not every day, but some days.   In the past I was a much bigger procrastinator then what I am today.   If I didn’t like to do something I would just keep putting it off until I finally got tired of seeing it on my “to […]

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