Building a Business Community

All businesses, new and established, benefit from becoming a part of and participating in communities that share similar interests. These communities can be in-person communities where people physically attend, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, or virtual communities who share the same profession or goals and are visited on-line.

Building a business community it about building relationships.  Relationships are the key to any businesses success. By being part of a community these businesses are building a relationship with groups who will assist them to grow in a variety of ways.

  1. Being part of a community allows others to learn about the person behind the business, as well as, what the business is all about.  This is an opportunity to display your values such as, honesty, integrity, and initiative. A relationship of trust is built with the others in the community and they in turn are comfortable referring these business services to others. Word-of-mouth referrals are great for a business.
  2. Communities within a profession are a great resource and a source of knowledge. People in these communities will often share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, experiences, and perspectives on subjects that pertain specifically to that profession, as well as, other useful and associated businesses. These communities provide a great opportunity to learn from others more experienced.
  3. By being an active participant in a community, a business gains credibility. By working along with experts in a field a business owner becomes known as an associate of the expert, consequently some of the prestige of the expert is attributed to the business owner. Speaking to others, sharing ideas, listening, and learning from others will allow the business owner to become a leader in their field.
  4. Participating in a community can help stop feelings of isolation. At times, when working alone in a home office a person can feel cut off; facing another day of working alone and removed from other colleagues. Being part of a community allows for the comradery of sharing with others who deal with similar issues and experiences. They experience comparable hurdles, obstacles and triumphs; they also appreciate the opportunity to interaction with others. These people make great sounding boards for thoughts and ideas.

Extend your business and yourself; join a community. Experience the benefits of interaction between colleagues. Grow your business to success.

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