Need to Share Files – Try Drop box!

Last year a colleague of mine turned me onto a fantastic resource for sharing files between computers or with other individuals.  If you are like me, I have a number of computers, each has its own function and software programs.  I have a computer that has all of my graphic software on, I have another computer that is running XP that I need to access a certain database that only runs on XP, and of course my primary desktop.  In the past I would use a flash drive to transfer files back and forth and although not a huge deal it could become a little cumbersome.  Then I was turned onto Dropbox. 

By downloading dropbox on each of my computers, I am now able to easily share any of my documents, graphics, etc no matter which computer I am working with.  It as easy as slipping the file in my Dropbox folder and “Voila” it appears on each of the computers. 

Another great feature is I make and share folders with others as well.  This comes is extremely handy when working on a project with my team, I can edit and update, add it to my Dropbox and my team gets a pop up notice letting them know that particular file has been updated. 

The best thing about Dropbox…is it’s free.  Yes, let me say that again, it’s free! 

So far it has been the best solution I have found for sharing files and having easy access to them no matter where I am or which computer I am using.  They even have an app for your IPhone or IPod Touch, so you can share your files right on your handheld device. 

Download is simple and easy to install, and within minutes you are set up and ready to use. 

So, if you are looking for an easy to use, virtual tool for sharing files –Dropbox could be your solution.

Check it out —

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