Loving Lexmark!

I have to say I have always been an HP kind of woman, always using Hewlett Packard products for all my printing needs.  That is until recently.

I just purchased a Lexmark printer, a Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 and I am truly impressed.  I decided to stretch beyond my comfort zone and try out something a little different.  After reading several reviews on the Lexmark and debating between another HP printer and it, I decided it was time do away with old and try something completely different.

The Lexmark is a 4 in 1 inkjetprinter, which I have always been hesitant in purchasing.   When I first started my virtual business years ago, the 4 in 1 was not an ideal machine, I heard from a number of my colleagues how their 4 in 1 had broken down, components of it not quite working as it should.   However I figured that was quite a while ago and the technology must have improved since that time at least I hoped.

So I jumped in with both feet and purchased the Lexmark.  What attracted me to the Lexmark first was its sleek appearance, not to mention the colourful touch screen.  First and foremost I’m a lady at heart and it’s just darn pretty.  The touch screen is very easy to read although can be a little cumbersome  –it doesn’t always read the first time you touch the screen and you may have to do a double touch in order for it to figure out what selection your making. 

It was extremely easy to set up and although it’s a wireless printer I opted to hook up by way of Ethernet directly to my network hub, I’ve been having a few issues with my wireless stability so I didn’t want to take a chance of a lag happening and having to wait for an hour for a document to print.   The install disk walked me through every aspect of setting up and before long my printer was set and ready to go. 

The print quality is really quite nice, although the print speed isn’t much to write home about it is definitely sufficient for what I’m doing.  I think I may still be hung up on my HP b/w laser printer which is a speedy little thing.  Overall though it meets my needs.  The scanner is pretty remarkable and from the touch screen on the printer I can scan anything into a file, email or even a MS application like Word or PowerPoint, pretty handy for those presentations.  

I think the only item I had a wee bit of difficulty was with the fax.  The set up was very easy, but the actual using was a bit confusing, I could not for the life of me figure out how to send a fax. There were no directions on where the paper went, and if you ever do test drive one, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  There are a number of ways the fax paper could have been inserted, I just couldn’t find the right way.   I did, after flipping through the manual and not finding anything on paper insertion managed to figure it out and then felt kind of silly afterwards because it was staring me in the face the whole time.  Apparently I just didn’t load the paper far enough into the document feeder.   One aspect of the faxing I really like is the ability to fax directly from my computer, my old fax machine was a stationary model (old school) and it was all about paper.  Now I can simply load a document right from the Lexmark tools on my desktop and fax. 

One of the reasons why I chose this Lexmark was because of the low cost for ink.  $5.00 for a black ink cartridge…yep you got it only $5.00, the colour cartridges are about $20.00 each but they are packaged individually so you only need to replace the ink you run out of. 

Although the initial cost of the printer may run you a bit more than another brand (or not), the long term costs for ink you’ll find no better deal than the Lexmark.  I also received a 5 year extended warranty upon registration of my product.  I don’t remember receiving anything like that when I purchased other printer brands.

Overall I’m really happy with the printer and wanted to share it with you incase like me you were in the market for something new.  I have to say, I’m really loving this Lexmark, and I think you just might too.

Oh and PS…no, I’m not a spokesperson for Lexmark, just a virtual office work and consumer like you.  I like when things work well and when that happens, I’ve got to spread the word.

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