Do You Have the Virtual Office Mindset?

If you are considering working in a virtual environment, you need to have the virtual office mindset.  The virtual office mindset is not just about getting the latest and greatest technology to stay connected then trekking off to your beach side cabin.  The virtual office mindset is about those external elements, the technology we use, but more importantly it’s about the internal elements needed to succeed in a virtual environment.   Internal elements you ask?

The internal elements I am referring to are those items that keep us happy, healthy, motivated and productive.  One such element is striving for work/life balance.  Yes, a term we have heard quite often over the past few years.  I am of the mind that work/life balance represents something much more significant.  For me a balanced life represents a higher quality of life.   For instance, you find yourself working 60+ hours a week, you have very little time to spend with your family, in fact you are so busy working, you have completely forgotten your 10 year wedding anniversary.  What does this actually say about your quality of life?

Now, this scenario isn’t just about the virtual office, some people who work in a corporate setting find themselves in this situation as well.  However with a virtual office, particularly a home office, the line between work and family life can get blurred far too often. As a virtual office worker, I do not have the same structure that my husband does who works in an office environment.   I have to set clear boundaries with myself and family to ensure that I maintain productive, yet not too productive that I end up skipping dinner and finding myself working till 2:00 in the morning.    Setting boundaries is a part of finding that balance, and something all virtual office workers need to do if they want to keep their virtual office dream from turning into a nightmare.

The virtual office mindset is about being aware of not only those external elements, the tools that we use, but the internal elements, our health and wellbeing.   In order to succeed in the virtual office, you can’t have one without the other.   That my friend, is the virtual office mindset!

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