Virtual Office Essentials

  • Price: Hardcopy $25.00 CDN + shipping, eBook $27.99 CDN

The virtual office is more viable than ever, providing you have the strategies to make it work.   Being successful in a virtual office isn’t just about the technology you use, it’s about the mindset you have.  This book merges both of these, providing all the external and internal strategies necessary for a successful virtual work environment.

With the use of assessments for self exploration and practical easy to read information you will:

  1. Learn key strategies to support you with balancing the work life and the home life before thHard Copy Booke two collide.
  2. Design and set up a virtual office that is organized, efficient and promotes productivity, so you can get right to work, obstacle free.
  3. Explore the latest in communication tools for the virtual office that will keep you in touch easily and affordably.
  4. Understand how to develop business relationships virtually and build strong lasting professional relationships without face to face contact.
  5. Combat the pitfalls of the virtual office and begin to implement strategies for stress management and working along issues (isolation).

And much, much more!!


Important Note: Virtual Office Essentials Ebook

Although we have made available an ebook version of the Virtual Office Essentials it is recommended that you purchase the hardcopy.  There are numerous assessments and self-exploration tools that you will be completing which may require you to print off numerous pages.